Available at Level 4
Incubation Time 31:00:00
Rarity Limited
Type Air
Buy 150 Gold
Sell Value 220,000 Gold
XP 110,000 XP
Breedable Yes

Schmoochle Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Tweedle Riff 19 11 58%
Clamble Hoola 3 3 16%
Congle Bellowfish 5 3 16%
Clamble Drumpler 48 1 5%
Noggin Shugitar 1 1 5%
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This monster is only released for a limited time during it's associated holiday

Additional Schmoochle Information

No one can agree on how the two-headed Schmoochle came to be. Some say that it began as two individual monsters who fell so deeply in love with each other that they forfeited their own bodies and decided to live together in just one. Others insist that they are just born that way, arriving in a puff of brightly-colored feathers. In any case, a Schmoochle is always a welcome addition to the Air Island chorus. Decorations liked by this monster: Barbloo Statue - 15000 Coins Puffle Tree - 35000 Coins Yum Yum Tree- 600000 Coins