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Ambered Thing Decoration Ambered Thing

Hailing from the shard mountains of another dimension of the multiverse, this interesting specimen has been encased in amber. It answers to "Flutter," but the monsters usually just call it a thing.

Babayag Tower Decoration Babayag Tower

This tower would be more fun if it would just stand still and allow itself to be climbed! Still, it looks pretty.

Barbloo Statue Decoration Barbloo Statue

This statue immortalizes the bravery with which its model saw something scary, pointed, and knelt in fear.

Bass String Bridge Decoration Bass String Bridge

Who can resist the charm of an old bridge over a tinkling freshet, all in the shade of a drooping snuffle tree?

Beeyoot Tree Decoration Beeyoot Tree

Monsters should know better than to look directly at a Beeyoot Tree. When observed, the tree goes full-on supermodel, posing and contorting. Weird.

Bloofi Tree Decoration Bloofi Tree

Don't look too closely at the Bloofi Tree. Its feathery leaves have been 'borrowed' for some unknown purpose, leaving embarrassing bald patches.

Bottomless Pit Decoration Bottomless Pit

Monsters love to throw small objects into the bottomless pit. Sometimes an interesting sound or smell comes back up!

Castanevine Decoration Castanevine

When a strong breeze blows, the Castanevine really comes to life. Monsters sometimes blow at the plant just to hear it play.

Cozee Cabin Decoration Cozee Cabin

It's nice to have a place to take a quick nap. The Cozee Cabin isn't nearly as comfy as the Castle, but it'll do in a pinch.

Crumpler Tree Decoration Crumpler Tree

Old timers say never to go near a Crumpler Tree at night or you will face the wrath of the Crumplings, invisible fairies that leave you covered with itchy bites. What do old timers know, anyhow?

Digger Decoration Digger

This Digger looks like it's emerging from the earth. How exciting!

Directions to Nowhere Decoration Directions to Nowhere

Monsters love to interpret the mysterious meaning of this symbol. None of them can agree on a single way to read it, however, and the purpose is entirely unknownMonsters love to interpret the mysterious meaning of this symbol. None of them can agree on a single way to read it, however, and the purpose is entirely unknown.

Dragon Tower Decoration Dragon Tower

Made from old dragon parts the monsters had laying around, this tower isn't very practical, but it looks great!

Dragoon Statue Decoration Dragoon Statue

The Dragoon was a harmless creature with a poor understanding of effective camouflage. Its resemblance to a bodiless claw made it such a prized collector's item that it rapidly became extinct.

Eerie Remains Decoration Eerie Remains

Monsters are known to plant flowers in and around Eerie Remains to show respect for the deceased.

Fire Bush Decoration Fire Bush

While it may look delicious, eating Fire Bush leaves has dire effects, causing the consumer to produce eye-watering flatulence.

Flappy Flag Decoration Flappy Flag

Who doesn't love to let their flag fly? Even better if it flaps and snaps in the wind!

Floofy Nest Decoration Floofy Nest

Mischievous creatures, Floofies are sometimes mistaken for sock fluff. Have you ever seen sock fluff jump around like that?

Fossil-osaurus Decoration Fossil-osaurus

Curious monsters often sing to the Fossil-osaurus, hoping to wake it up. Little do they know it's just a fiberglass model from some long-ago time.

Fuzzle Tree Decoration Fuzzle Tree

The Fuzzle Tree loves it when monsters have long picnic lunches under its branches. Sometimes it grabs a snack from the basket when no one is looking.

Guitree Decoration Guitree

When an unwary monster trips over the strings of a Guitree, the most delightful sights and sounds are produced.

Harpsitree Decoration Harpsitree

The Harpsitree plays hauntingly beautiful melodies to anyone nearby. You'll often see a monster quivering its lower lip or gushing fat tears as it listens to a particularly moving passage.

Hollow Log Decoration Hollow Log

It's a Hollow Log. Maybe something cool will move in.

Leafy Sea Dragon Decoration Leafy Sea Dragon

Monsters generally agree that this is a ridiculous fantasy creature. Nonetheless, they still make wishes and toss their teeth in the fountain.

Meldablend Decoration Meldablend

Two very different objects seem to have materialized in the same place!

Piney Tree Decoration Piney Tree

Monsters decorate Piney Trees every year for the Festival of Yay. Much to the tree's relief, monsters do not decorate well, and the objects fall off immediately.

Pipes of Cicado Decoration Pipes of Cicado

The Pipes of Cicado have amazing summoning power. When they are blown, everyone comes from all around, no matter what they may have been doing.

Puffle Tree Decoration Puffle Tree

This tree has the highest accident rating of all the trees. Its feather-like foliage tickles anyone who attempts to climb it until they fall out laughing.

Razzli Tree Decoration Razzli Tree

Razzli Trees attract lots of things; iridescent bugs, slithery slugs, and especially monsters. Up close, the tree is kind of boring, and all the creatures leave.

Reflecting Pool Decoration Reflecting Pool

Legend has it that an ancient monster created this reflecting pool to see if it had any spots on its back. Time has worn away the stone details and vines have grown around it. We still don't know about the spots.

Saggle Tree Decoration Saggle Tree

Monsters must be careful around the Saggle Trees. Their tasty nuts are too delicious-looking to resist, but they taste like rocks. Yuck!

Smunkin Patch Decoration Smunkin Patch

What could be more comforting than cuddling with a ripe, orange Smunkin? Just don't let any Thumpies near; they like to carve out faces on them. What a strange thing to do.

Spurrit  Decoration Spurrit

A real Spurrit has not been spotted for a very long time. In fact, no one has ever seen one.

Spurrit Statue Decoration Spurrit Statue

A real Spurrit has not been spotted for a very long time. In fact, no one has ever seen one.

Squeed Statue Decoration Squeed Statue

Everyone loves a Squeed!

Stritch Skin Decoration Stritch Skin

What unfortunate creature gave up its hide for this device? None! This very-much-alive domesticated critter suspended itself from a frame and hangs there. No one knows why.

Toob Decoration Toob

Not for the faint of heart, a Toob oozes fragrant black goo. Monsters delight in daring one another to give the wheel a spin!

Travelers' Sign Decoration Travelers' Sign

Beware! This sign likes to play switcheroo with its arrows. Where you're going all depends on where you are.

Tree Forte Tower Decoration Tree Forte Tower

The umbrella roof makes this a great tower for rainy days.

Tree Hut Decoration Tree Hut

Some monsters like to haul their stuff around with them and need a place to put it for the day.

Trumplite Decoration Trumplite

Many monsters find the dark pretty scary. They'll never need to turn this light on, but it's comforting to have it around.

Tub Fountain Decoration Tub Fountain

The grimacing figure in this sculpture is based on a figure from monster bedtime stories, who would bathe and clean misbehaving monsterlings until there was no more dirt and grime on them. What a terrible fate.

Wild Bagpipe Decoration Wild Bagpipe

Someone has captured the elusive wild bagpipe! It's been partially buried to prevent escape.

Yum Yum Tree Decoration Yum Yum Tree

Yum Yum Trees jiggle delightfully when gently shaken. Caution is advised, however, as the globes break easily, drenching the shaker with a sap as sticky as bubblegum.

Zuffle Tree Decoration Zuffle Tree

Zuffle Trees bear delicious fruit that closely resembles the material pulled from a hairbrush. Those who consume it produce a melodic gacking sound.