New My Singing Monsters Site Design!

Some of you will see a change, some of you won't. The people that do are probably wondering "Why the change?" 'Why' is because we can expand on your experience, we have forums, news, better search capabilities, sorting, you can also comment on anything you want to and be more involved with the community.

Don't worry! I am here to help you navigate through the new My Singing Monsters site and show you how easy and awesome it is. Everything on the old site is still here. It just may look a bit different. Lets start from the top:


Under the monsters tab you will find everything you need to know about monsters. If you select the monsters section under the monsters tab you will find a list of the monsters in game in alphabetical order. When you hover over the the monsters name you will see a drop down of the monsters images, pretty cool! You can easily search for a specific monster, incubation, rarity and type by entering the information you are searching in the the 'search 56 Monsters' box.

Breeding results - Just go to the main dragon listing page and simply use the search box to filter the incubation time, it’ll show the same results as the old page.

Monsters -> Monsters Eggs

This section hasn't changed from the previous version other than you now have the ability search by entering the information in the 'search 56 Monsters' box.

Monsters-> Coliseum (aka the Arena)
What is the coliseum you ask? I shall tell you! It is the same exact concept as the arena. Just a fun little way to select your most favored monster. You can also view the coliseum (arena) records as so before.

Buildings -> Decorations
Under this tab you will see 'Decorations.' Any information you need about Decorations will be found here. Cost and descriptions. Pretty useful, wouldn't you say?!

Now this is something that is new! "Satisfy your lust for all your My Singing Monsters desires in the My Singing Monsters General Discussion Forums!" Got a question about My Singing Monsters that you just can't seem to find on the site? Reach out to the community and get the answers you need!

Here you can find the newest updated Monsters in the news section.
Add your name to acquire more My Singing Monsters friends in the 'Friends' section. Feel free to add the listed names to your friends in game!


Just for a recap, here is where you can find each of the things you might feel are lost.

Monster Eggs - Under "Monsters"
Arena - Found under the tab "Coliseum"
Friends - Now under "About"
Breeding Results - Just go to the main Monsters page and use the search box to search for your incubation time as well as other things (its crazy useful)

Hope this tutorial was helpful to all that are new to the site. If you have further questions add your question to the comments below and I will answer to the best of my ability. Enjoy!

Newest Update
By popular demand we've added an Incubation filter to the dragon list to mimic the previous functionality, this should make things a bit more easier for you to filter your dragons!