Quarrister Breeding
Available at Level 9
Incubation Time 24:00:00
Rarity Common
Sell Value 220,000 coins
Buy Value 150 gold
Breeding XP 110,000
Quarrister Monster Arena Records
Quarrister at Neggs Network
Quarrister Monster Breeding Instructions
Breed a Reedling Monster and a Mammott Monster until you get a Quarrister Monster.

The most efficient method of breeding a Quarrister monster is to breed
a Reedling Monster and a Mammott Monster together. If you don't get the Quarrister monster the first time, don't be discouraged, you'll get lucky soon enough.
The first stage of the Quarrister's life cycle begins deep underground. Each head is a separate creature, feeding on crystals and fending for themselves. Eventually, groups of heads band together and harmonize their efforts until they physically fuse together. Every once in a while, one of the Quarrister's voices will go for a solo, but that kind of behaviour is usually seen as big-headed.